Why should I use your pillows the ASAP and the ALP??

1.Better spinal alignment.

2. Support to maintain proper curvature of the neck; cervical spine.

3. Support for the lower back to maintain proper curvature of the lumbar.

4. Increased oxygen intake when on the back and also reduces snoring.

5. Increased time spent sleeping on the back encouraged by pillow design.

Why should I sleep on my back??

1. Spreads the load over the widest part of your body. Minimizes pounds per square inch pressure on the body and bed.

2. Organs remain more in natural positions.

3. For females the breasts suffer less stress and distortion.

4. The face stays in place.

5. Better posture maintained. Like walking with a book on your head for 8 hours, only you’re sleeping.

6. Reduces shoulder trauma like bursitis and rotator cuff problems.

A better night’s sleep results in better mental and physical health.