Using the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow 1 & 2

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow is personally customizable for YOUR comfort. You must try it in different configurations until you maximize your comfort and minimize your lower back pain.

How to prepare the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow for use.

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow comes with up to three precision CNC (computer numerical control) cut domed forms of 48D memory foam, three pieces of ½”x9”x9” pieces and one piece ½”x3”x9”. It has a long zipper down one side so you can adjust, move, or remove foam pieces easily to maximize comfort. The zippered cover is Velboa, a soft, washable, and breathable expandable fabric.

If you have a lot of curvature to your body in your lower back lumbar area, you should try the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow as it is when you get it. If you have a rather flat back, you should remove the domed center cushion and just leave the ½’x9”x9” piece in for the first try. If that isn’t quite right, try just the domed piece. A small amount of cushion and support to your lower back can make a big difference when it comes to back pain.

The side cushions are there to provide comfort when on your side and adjustment of these cushions will depend on the width of your hips compared to your waist.

Where do I place the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow?

You should install Adjustable Lumbar Pillow under your beds bottom sheet approximately 3’ down from the top/head of the mattress with the domed part up, closer to your head, to support your lumbar and the ledge part down towards the foot of the bed to support your hips. Please note, if you don’t put Adjustable Lumbar Pillow under your fitted sheet, it will move around a lot and need constant re-positioning. When laying down on the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow, be sure the top of your hips are supported on that ledge and the domed section supports the small of your back.

Are there other uses for the Adjustable Lumbar Pillow?

You can find other uses for Adjustable Lumbar Pillow. Adjustable Lumbar Pillow can be used in the car to provide extra lumbar support or used lengthwise for additional support between your shoulder blades and lower back.

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow can also be used for support when exercising on the floor.

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